Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 11 - State of War.....

I haven't gone away, nor have I been under a rock (too many snakes under all of them in Alabama). I have just been sitting back and watching as things start to unfold across the state of Alabama, the Big 10, the Pac 10 and college sports in general. I've watched a local Alabama radio host lose his job, a vest wearing college coach sweat, an incompetent collegiate sports governing body once again prove why people from every conference constantly scream for change and an all-out war be declared on people who exercise their 1st Amendment rights. Not to mention ever increasing gas prices due to unrest in the Middle East, massive earthquakes in Japan and the wrong kid getting voted off of American Idol (yes I watch it, it's one of the few shows that my whole family can watch together). I'm no religious zealot, but gosh... today's calendar looks like a photocopy of a page or two from the Book of Revelations. Let’s hit a couple of things and see how long it takes for my personal life to be invaded because I chose to state my opinion.

1.) Gas Prices - I've been hearing reports of $5.00 per gallon by the end of June. It looks like the Muslim Brotherhood is about to attempt to do the same thing in Saudi Arabia as they have done in Egypt. WAKE UP WORLD....they are about to control OPEC. A price of $5.00 per gallon will look fantastic if they succeed. It really is a good thing that I am not President because I would make some very "politically incorrect" moves to stop this crap.

 The first thing I would do is make the cost of a bushel of grain directly correspond to the cost of a barrel of oil. The oil misers live in a desert for crying out loud. WE feed them. I would just tell them that if they want to charge $150.00 per barrel that is fine by me, but a bushel of grain would cost them $151.00 each. If they all starve to death, we can just go get whatever oil we need. Which brings me to point number two....

  We don't need their oil. We have plenty within an arm's length of our borders (or within them). We just can't use it because of the mounds of red tape covering it up. We might disrupt the natural habitat of a moose in Alaska. Give me a break. The Alaskan pipeline is something that is used daily by many different species of wildlife in that region. Google it, there are pictures upon pictures of birds, moose (meece [take note Webster’s people]) and other wildlife congregating near the pipeline to steal a bit of the heat generated by it. The moose love the pipeline. We should too.

 The extremist Muslim Brotherhood places no value on American lives, so why should we put so much value on theirs? If we, as a country, know this and choose not to make an aggressive move to stop them, we will eventually get what we deserve. The loss of American soldier’s lives in Iraq and Afghanistan has been totally unnecessary and uncalled for. We could handle these pockets of resistance without ever putting an American soldier at risk. 9/11 was an opening act for them. I honestly am surprised something much worse has not happened already.

2.) The major earthquake in Japan – This is a developing story, but the footage I have seen on television so far indicates there is going to be a major loss of life with this catastrophic event. I urge all of you to keep these people in your prayers as it appears they are going to need it.

3.) The NCAA – I understand that tOSU is the party that has sanctioned itself and that the NCAA has not handed down any type of penalty. This doesn’t change the fact that tOSU was allowed to play the new and improved version of Michigan’s Fab-5 in their bowl game. UGA was forced to sit A.J. Green for committing the exact same crime on a much smaller and less frequent scale. As a matter of fact, A.J. Green sold one jersey on one occasion. tOSU players did this time and time again and were allowed to play. It doesn’t matter that they will most likely have to vacate their 2010 season down the road. Arkansas will still have a loss on their record. How can that be justified? I do not think for a second tOSU would have beaten them if the “Tattooed Fab-5” had been forced to sit. Of course that is speculation, but Arkansas and their fans have been royally screwed over because of it. There is nothing anyone can say or do that can change my view on this. Had the shoe been on the other foot, I suspect Arkansas would not have been given the luxury of playing their 5 ineligible players. Why? Arkansas is not the media darling nor the cash cow that tOSU is. It’s all about the Benjamins, it always is. It’s a double standard that the NCAA uses over and over again. Did the Big 10 need a win over the SEC so badly that the rules were bent to accommodate not one but at least 5 players who were cold busted breaking the NCAA rules?

The fact that tOSU’s head coach was aware of the problem(s) long before the football team ever took the field will most likely result in some severe penalties being handed down by the NCAA. This does nothing to address the damage done to other schools throughout the 2010 season. That season is gone and cannot be brought back. The whole system is backwards and the simplest solution in the world has not even been entertained. In real life, if the police suspect someone of committing a felony, what do they do? THEY ARREST THEM and throw them in a cell. Of course the NCAA cannot lock anyone up, but they could use the same basic philosophy. Instead of using the current system of allowing the school under scrutiny to provide evidence from that school’s own internal investigation to decide whether an athlete is eligible or not, then waiting on the NCAA’s enforcement division to complete a slow, lazy investigation; JUST SIT THE ATHLETE, THE COACH or THE WHOLE DAMNED TEAM until it is sorted out. It wouldn’t take but about one, maybe two schools having to go through this and this crap would stop. If a school is found innocent, offer a letter of apology and give the kid another year of eligibility. IF that isn’t good enough, they can always opt for NAIA play. Another thing that would stop it is if a school is found to be guilty of a major violation, take that school’s non-profit status away from them. Everything these days revolves around money. If you hit them in their wallet, trust me, the school will do whatever it takes to get the situation rectified.

4.) Personal Attacks – If you have been following the Scott Moore saga, you know that a certain group of individual Auburn supporters put together a “foundation” aimed at discrediting Mr. Moore. They personally attacked him; they scrutinized his personal life and COST HIM HIS JOB. They even publicly broadcast false information regarding his personal life (IE: that he was arrested for embezzlement; he never was). I hope Mr. Moore takes advantage of the 100’s of Alabama attorneys who would gladly take his case pro bono and sues these people until the cows come home (note that I suspect the aforementioned cows will not have a home to return to). Why would they do this? Does Mr. Moore not have the right to do his job, which in this case was to report on what he thinks is a valid investigation regarding a university being accused from so many different directions that a compass is needed to know which way is up? It doesn’t matter that Mr. Moore is an Alabama fan; although that was one the ways they attacked him. The simple fact is that Mr. Moore’s claims were not based on a single thing that he acquired from anything to do with his relationship to the University of Alabama, its fans or administration. It was his relationship with John Bond (a MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY BOOSTER) that afforded him the information he used to make the claims against Au. Of course we hear from the Au fan base that it is sour grapes because Alabama lost the Iron Bowl. How can that be proven and how can that justify trying to ruin a man’s career? Mr. Moore has not reported a single thing that has not been crawling around the internet for months on message boards from coast to coast. He has not reported a single thing that has not been speculated over the airwaves all across the southeast. The difference? Mr. Moore very possibly has the proof he needs to cause that speculation to end and become fact.

To this point, I have been willing to give Mr. Moore some leeway in what he claims to have. There are a couple of reasons for this, but the main one being that I have a friend that I know on a personal level that claims to have heard “some” tapes relating to Newtons as well. Add to that the possibility of certain mitigating circumstances that could have caused Mr. Moore’s initial intentions to have been derailed or delayed. I have mentioned on the “As the Plains Burn” thread that Mr. Moore’s actions do not make any sense if he did not have what he claims to have. That post regarding my questioning of Mr. Moore’s line of thinking is below in bold:

Well, it looks like Mr. Moore either is holding his tapes for bigger and better things or he was full of it all along. I wonder if he will go silently into the night or if he will make a statement of some sort. Like someone else said earlier, if he never had anything; he better go into hiding. He will have both Bama and Au fans looking for him. What I don't understand is why if he didn't have Bond/Bell's blessing, why did they not say anything? It will be interesting to watch over the next few days. It also doesn't make sense for Moore to commit career suicide like that. One other puzzling thing, there were reports by other radio hosts that said they had heard the tapes. Where did those guys go?

Since making the above post, Mr. Moore has in fact surfaced and is defending himself via such websites as and on the “Megathread” at . I am glad to see the guy surface and I am glad that he is sticking to his original story. If Mr. Moore, by chance, happens across this blog; I implore him to answer a few questions by me. Just in case:
1.)    Were you asked by either the Bond/Bell camp or the NCAA to cool on what the tapes contained or even delay your initial time line for playing them on air?

2.)    Why has your friend, John Bond, not come to your defense in all of this?
3.)    You have said that the tapes will exonerate MSU, but do they implicate Au further?

4.)    You have said that the tapes will indicate that Cam Newton was aware of his father shopping him. Can you expand on that? Is he in the room? Does Cecil make a statement that indicates Cam wants a certain amount of money? 

5.)    Have you been asked by any Federal entity to remain quiet until a specific time has passed? If so, when is that time and what reason were you given?

6.)    You have stated that you have a letter from the NCAA dated March, 2nd, 2011. Is this letter addressed to you? If so, why can’t you divulge the general content of the letter? If the letter was addressed to someone else, can you expand on the letter’s subject matter?

7.)    If you will notice below, my blog contains a post titled “Tapes, Tapes, Tapes,” have you heard (or heard of) any of the other tapes that my friend seems to think exist?

As I have said on numerous occasions, I think Mr. Moore should be given the opportunity to explain himself before everyone sides with the very people who want us all to think he has nothing. There may be a lot of behind the scenes activity that Mr. Moore cannot control. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, are you?

There is no reason for any person to personally attack someone for stating what they believe in. It’s one thing to get angry and spout of some unflattering remark to an adversary on any general matter of dispute, but it is entirely different to try to ruin someone’s personal life over it. I understand that the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn produces some very spirited discussions, but what is going on is utterly embarrassing. Blue Tuna Tiger has a right that was given to him by the founding Fathers of this country to express his opinion, yet he too has been a target of personal attacks. Scott Moore has the same rights and the whole world can see what has been done to him. All for what? The very reasons these guys have been attacked are also the very reasons their attackers should want to get to the bottom of it all. If you love Au so much, defend her with honor and not by means of the very same underhanded tactics the University itself is being accused of using. Prove the accusations wrong with retorts based in fact. Don’t use black tactics to achieve your goal.


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