Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day #5 - The Glass House Theory

IT has come to my attention via several emails that I have offended many, many Auburn University fans by posting information I believe could be potentially devastating to their Championship season. They also seem to have issue with my opinion. It appears that everyone cheats, therefore; Auburn must cheat too. So, I have a news flash for you all..... FORGET WHAT YOUR MAMA TOLD YOU.... TWO WRONGS DO MAKE A RIGHT!!!

Plain and simple, I 1000% believe Au is guilty of much more than $100.00 handshakes. The Cam Newton tapes and their relevance are just the tip of the iceberg. It is what is hidden under the water that is going to do the real damage. While I am interested to see if the Scott Moore tapes produce anything concrete, I really think they are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Am I happy about it all? Not really. Do I want it stopped? Most definitely. If it means every team in the SEC, no wait... If it means every team in college football ends up in trouble; then so be it. Au fan, I am well aware that Alabama has been in trouble. I also know that Au had a hand in putting us there. Why? It's really simple. We outbid you for a player or two that never amounted to anything on the football field. The difference in what you guys are going through (or are about to go through) and what Alabama, LSU, UGA, Florida, USCe, and every other school in the SEC (except for Vandy) have paid penalties for is gargantuan. None of the aforementioned schools have been so arrogant in their shady dealings so as to rip off the general public. In all actuality, Alabama and the rest of the schools were often penalized for booster meddling that was initially done without the knowledge of the school's administration or by the actions of a kid that could not see past the dollars being waived in his face. Where most of these schools messed up, was either by lying to the NCAA or by being uncooperative with them. Auburn has Board of Trustees members, boosters, coaches and former coaches actively breaking all of the rules. Another big difference as it relates to Alabama... Alabama removed their "Good Ole Boy" network from power in attempt to clean things up while Au found a way to keep the head of theirs on the Board of Trustees. So, what is it exactly that I think some members of Au's Board of Trustees (both current and former members) is up to? Let's take a look.... I'll start by giving you a little on Robert (Bobby) E. Lowder as he is the puppet master of all things Orange & Blue in these parts.

Robert (Bobby) E. Lowder - Founder and Grand PooPa of the now defunct Colonial Bank. A man who conveniently "retired" from Colonial about 32 seconds before it became the 3rd largest bank in history to fail. A man who owes the US Government roughly $29 billion (which basically means he owes all of us, even Au grads $29 billion). A man who is at the center of a Federal Investigation being conducted by almost every acronym in the United States Government. A man who is on the Au Board of Trustees. A man who has been cited by SACS as a "micro-manager" that was much too involved in the day to day operations of the university. A man who is known to pull underhanded stunts (sic: Jetgate, Ousting of William Muse) with his own employees (I call them his employees as he is the one that decides who is hired and who is fired). A man who is known to look for loopholes to help him achieve his desires (watch out former Colonial Bank executives, you better take that plea deal while you can. He's banking [pun intended] on the fact that you didn't know what you signed when he created millions of dollars worth of fraudulent records.) A man who is most definitely looking over his shoulder 24/7 these days.

From the mouth of a family member that holds a Chemical Engineering degree from Au: "I think it is complete and total crap for these guys (sic: student athletes) to be given a degree just for playing football. Most of them didn't even make enough on their ACT test to go to school at Auburn, I know what some of them really scored and I couldn't believe they let them in anyway. I had to work my way through school, go to class everyday and watch the football players have every thing handed to them on a silver platter. Sure he (Lowder) has given a lot of money to the school, but so have I. If you put an income / expense ratio  on it, he hasn't given any more to the school than I have." 

One of the "love letters" I received from an AU fan accused me of throwing stones while living in a glass house. Personally, I see it the other way around. I think Au has been throwing stones at Alabama for at least my 40 plus years on this planet. When you look at some of the things they have done to get Alabama in trouble, it's no wonder some of us Alabama fans have taken it personally. When you have guys like Curtis Anderson who was employed for no other reason than to ruin several Alabama student athlete's career (sic: life) just to bring Alabama down, you have thrown a stone. When you try to organize a group of people (sic: Operation Red Dog) to stalk 17 year old kids and their mothers in an attempt to catch them doing something wrong, you have a thrown a stone. When you don't find anything concrete on the aforementioned 17 year old kids, you fabricate it...once again, you have thrown a stone. When you take advantage of a 17 year old kid's immaturity, lack of experience and testosterone levels.... you have thrown a stone. I could go on and on about this for days, but suffice it to say.... Au drew first blood, not me. The thing is, I don't want Au to get in trouble, I just think it needs to happen so that people like my family member quoted above do not have to worry about their future livelihood. It is a very real concern for any Au graduate to entertain in this day and time.

After watching this saga unfold for years, I have decided to take a vocal stand against what is happening at Au. You would think that those people who claim to love that university would have already done this. Instead, they continue to deflect, deny and deter. Remember those three "D's" as they are important in proving my point. I will admit that (on a much smaller scale than what is currently happening at Au) Alabama had a similar group pulling the strings at the Capstone for many, many years and we weren't exactly setting the trail on fire to stop it either. The key word in the previous sentence is "HAD".

I believe that when everything comes out about the shenanigans of AU's puppet master and his posse, it will make the SMU fiasco from the 80's look like a grain of sand on Orange Beach. Just look at some of the accusations being leveled at AU. I'll list some for you:

* Use of some of Colonial Bank's missing monies to pay for student athletes.
* Grade changing to insure student athlete's eligibility.
* Payment of cash, gifts and other extra benefits to entice new recruits to attend Au.
* Blackmailing potential recruits to attend Au (after giving them the illegal benefits in the first place)
* Administering illegal, controlled substances to current and potential student athletes.
* Use of prostitution to entice potential recruits.
* Misappropriation of funds via non profit organizations (TUF, FCA). (money laundering)
* Use of illegal street agents.
* Ousting of Au employees that did not want to play dirty.
* Bribery (many different types)
* Illegal recruiting contact on a recurring basis
* Racism
* Fraud

Believe me there are many more accusations out there as well. The thing is, each one of the ones I noted above are said to run very deep into the heart of the University. Even if Au is exonerated on one point, I feel sure they will be found guilty on countless others. The same people who are looking at spending some time with Bubba the meth dealer courtesy of the prison system are using Au as a catalyst to achieve their criminal goals.

Now, I must clarify that nothing I mentioned in this post (or on this blog) as it relates to Robert E. Lowder or Auburn University has been proven in a court of law. Au and Lowder will be given the opportunity to prove their innocence in due time and should be considered innocent until proven guilty. My goal is to make sure that everything I have been told, read and seen is addressed. Everything I have mentioned on this blog is a matter of public record in some shape or form. In other words, don't shoot the messenger and stop throwing rocks. The whole Glass House Theory will not continue to hold water. Why? Because some of us have decided to throw some rocks back at the glass house they came from.


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