Friday, March 4, 2011

Day #3 – Tapes, Tapes, Tapes…..

Hey everyone, I’m back for Day 3 and the water cooler topic of the day seems to be Scott Moore’s tapes and their authenticity. On my “Introduction” post, I stated that I believed the tapes do exist as statements made by Mr. Moore collaborated statements made to me by a friend who had also heard some tapes. My friend spoke to me about these tapes at least a week prior to Mr. Moore’s statewide media tour touting the Bond/ Bell tapes and what they contain.  The friend of mine that I am talking about has a very strong track record with me in regards to information he has passed on relating to the University of Alabama. The information he is talking with me about now is uncharted territory, but based on our previous conversations, I still put a lot of stock in what he says. Not to mention that he has a career that keeps him close to sports in general, which would allow such information to be garnered. 

Below is a “copy and paste” (in bold) of a post I made on Blue Tuna Tiger’s “As the Plains Burn” thread located at . Blue Tuna Tiger’s thread has grown to epic proportions and contains tons and tons of information relating to “The Bingo 11,” Colonial Bank and Auburn University. There are posters there who know a lot of what is going on, you just have to be able to weed through some of the people there who only want to deflect, deny and deter. There are attorneys, real estate gurus, law enforcement personnel and many others from all walks of life that have all assembled on that thread to lend their expertise and collections of evidence in a concerted effort to do the job that the media does not want to do. The idea of Blue Tuna Tiger’s thread is to clean up the corrupt areas of college sports, but it has mushroomed into cleaning many different corrupt arenas all across the south. I have to give mucho kudos to the people there that have worked so hard. I also have to give mucho kudos to for providing the thread and those of us who care to congregate there a home. Tigerdroppings is a LSU oriented fan site and for them to allow all of us “Bammers” along with people from all over the country to invade their board speaks volumes of those guys. I might also add that all of those “corndogs” that I’ve heard so many bad things about have treated us “Bammers” very well. I’ve met some great new friends through the thread and reconnected with some old ones. Here is the post I made earlier:

As I have said, I have a friend who has heard "SOME" tapes. I said this before Mr. Moore started his media campaign. The stuff my friend heard collaborated everything Mr. Moore has said on his media tour. Now, my friend would be the first to tell you that he wouldn't know Cecil (Or Cam's for that matter) voice from anyone else, but he did say if the tapes were authentic, they would be very damaging to the "I didn't know" defense. Since I have said all of that there seems to be some speculation by some (as I view them) credible journalists that the tapes Moore has are not authentic. So, in light of their new reports, I called my friend and sent him to a link to one of the audio files that were posted here. He said, "The quality is so bad I can't really tell, but that does not sound like anything I have heard." As has been speculated all along, there are several tapes reported to be in the possession of Bond & Bell. So it could be that what my friend has heard is a different tape from the same Bond & Bell tapes or it could be that he heard a better version (or different altogether) of the tapes that Scott Moore has been talking about. It also could be that Scott Moore does have authentic tapes and just released the poorest one as a teaser. I must admit, however; it is entirely possible that Moore's tapes are a farce. This is one we will just have to wait and see what he produces.

Since we are talking about tapes.... this is what I have been told about tapes as they relate to the Newton's and AU. I will not name another school at this juncture, but I was also told that there was a similar tape between Cecil and another SEC school (Not MSU). As I have been told....

1.) The Bond / Bell tapes do exist. The question is what do they actually contain and do they further implicate the Newton's?

2.) The Scott Moore tapes do exist. The question is…are they authentic versions of the Bond / Bell tapes mentioned above? If so, then we have partially answered the question in #1 as being a resounding "Yes."

3.) The Mullen Tapes. These have not been talked about very much at all since the beginning of all of this and I'm not sure if I ever read anywhere that there was a recording. I do know that I was told that there is a recording of Dan Mullen's wife and Cam Newton. I was told that it is an actual recording of the now well known, "The money is just too great" comment reported to have been said by Newton early on in this ever evolving soap opera. I have not heard this tape and neither has my friend. He just told me that he has heard it existed.

4.)The Federal tapes. The same friend has also told me he that there were tapes that implicated 3 Au coaches and Cecil Newton that were in possession of the Feds. I asked him who made the tapes and he said that he "assumed" the Feds did. Again, he has not heard them but seems to think there is a reasonable reason to believe they exist.

5.)The "other" School Federal tapes. The same friend (when telling me about the tapes mentioned in #3) told me that there existed a similar set of tapes that contained Cecil and an unspecified number of this other school's coaches.

Ok...those are all of the tapes I have heard of. Is my friend correct? Generally speaking he has a phenomenal track record. He had Shula out 2 weeks prior to his actual termination and had Saban in about 9 days before it broke in the media. BUT....I must say that all of that information was directly related to Alabama. How will his track record hold up when it is related to Au? I can't say as this is uncharted territory in our relationship. Time will tell, that is one thing I am sure of.

Since writing the article early this morning, I have heard it mentioned that Scott Moore was on the radio this morning saying that the tapes he has are NOT the ones that have gone viral on the internet. The audio clip I linked to my friend who has heard SOME tapes was in fact the one that went viral. This obviously explains why the link and what he heard were nowhere near the same things. If Bond (Who Moore claims as a personal friend) thought Moore was using his name to promote something that was not authentic, I would think bond would be very vocal that Moore was acting on his OWN without Bond's blessing. Since I have not heard anything from Bond to this effect, I am willing to give Moore the benefit of the doubt. I really am interested in seeing what Scott Moore produces.


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