Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 39 - It's Not Us.... It's YOU!!!

Yesterday morning, Jeff Lee (writer for the Auburn Rivals site) went on WNSP radio out of Mobile, Alabama with some very strong accusations leveled at the Crimson Tide’s recruitment of Brent Calloway. Well, I say they were strong, but mostly they were just accusations. The accusations were intended to be devastating and probably would have been had two things happened. One, they needed to be true and verified and Two, if they were true they should have not been let out before Calloway ever set foot on the Alabama campus to achieve maximum devastation. Mr. Lee went as far as to publicly discuss Calloway’s adoptive father (Peaches Winston) and his personal financial status. This is the same Jeff Lee who also leaked the personal information of a Florida State University message board ( poster because he had some unflattering things to say about Auburn University and Cam Newton. This is the same Jeff Lee who has pointed more fingers at Alabama than a 5 star recruit points towards the heavens after a Friday night slaughtering of a smaller high school. This is the same Jeff Lee that touts infinite knowledge of every wrong doing potentially surrounding the University of Alabama, yet he has missed more recruiting promises than the NCAA Hoops Championship game missed 3 pointers. This is the same Jeff Lee that promised a follow up to yesterday’s radio interview with WNSP, but didn’t bother to show up this morning. This is the same Jeff Lee that for some reason unknown on this earth that Au fans continue to support.

I have some questions about Lee’s reasoning more so than I do the accusations he made. The simple fact is that Calloway’s recruitment was crazy from the beginning of this last recruiting season. I’m not saying that there was not some wrong doing by some overzealous Alabama fan related to his recruitment. I’m not saying that simply because I don’t know for sure. It’s near impossible to police the overzealous fan. I can tell you that I 100% believe that Nick Saban, his coaches or anyone at the University of Alabama had anything to do with any of it. As a matter of fact, I heard some pretty earth shattering accusations leveled at Au regarding Calloway’s recruitment. Those allegations would put an alleged payment of $2500.00 to his dad and a new car to shame. Those allegations surpass breaking NCAA bylaws and cross right over into the criminal side of things. BUT…There’s a big difference in what I heard and what Jeff Lee has done. I didn’t get on a radio station and claim anything that I heard to be true. As a matter of fact, I have only alluded to possible improprieties without being specific as to the charges. Why? BECAUSE I DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE PUTTING SOMETHING OUT THERE THAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE VALID!!!!!!!

I do find it odd that Calloway, after being a lifelong Alabama fan and a verbal commitment to the Tide for 9 months, suddenly changed his commitment. I do find it odd that when he changed it back to Alabama, all of these “LEELIKE” rumors started to make their rounds on internet message boards. I also find it odd that these rumors are surrounding a 4 star player that Alabama didn’t really need. Don’t get me wrong, Calloway is a real athlete. I have seen him play, but the simple fact is he was not very high on Alabama’s wish list, especially at the position he wants to play. Lastly, I find it odd that the rumors themselves could easily be tied back to every rumor I’ve heard about Alabama recruiting for the last 10 years. Just remove Calloway’s name and insert the name of any Alabama player you like. They all sound the same; only the names have been changed to incriminate the innocent. 

The one thing I guess I should take the time to do (just in case Lee's story happened to have a shred of truth in it) is thank Jeff Lee. Mr. Lee thank you for alerting the University of Alabama Compliance Department to possible issues concerning Brent Calloway's eligibility. Because you have thrown this stuff out so publicly and early, the University now has plenty of time to investigate and send it's findings to the NCAA long before Calloway ever becomes a student at the university. If some how you have managed to be correct on any of it, Alabama can stop it before any real damage is done. With enemies like you, who needs friends?

Here’s what I think: I think that it is possible that some rumblings I have heard regarding another big news story that is about to hit the plains have been heard by the likes of Jeff Lee. I think that this has scared the lunatic fringe Au faithful into being proactive by using their “Deflect, Deny and Deter” defense. In this case, it’s “Deflect and Deter.” For those of you who have been following the Au saga(s) closely, I’m sure you will all agree this is standard operating procedure of late. 

As for the big news story that may be about to hit. I heard that a certain writer with a track record for hitting these types of sports related big stories dead on is about ready to drop a bomb. I contacted this writer and while he was very polite in his response, he declined comment. He did say that he was aware of Jeff Lee’s actions yesterday and that those actions were Jeff Lee’s decision. This probably explains why people like Brooks ( feel like Lee’s constant reaffirming that it was not an “Alabama Alumni” or “Alabama Booster” during his radio interview was calculated so as to not open himself up for possible legal troubles. The problem is, he did that any way.  Due to time constraints I will not continue to pick apart all of the holes in Lee’s story. I’ll save that for a day that looks less appealing outside. 

So, I’ll leave you guys with this: It’s nice outside, the whole Alabama vs. Auburn rivalry is just getting ridiculous and gas prices are too high. I’m just counting the days until next Friday when I will embark on my annual trip to Tuscaloosa with my son to enjoy the A-day festivities. It’s our last chance for football until the fall. I love sports…. YAHOO…..YAHOO….YAHOO…YAHOO… YAHOO…..YAHOO….YAHOO YAHOO…..YAHOO….YAHOO…YAHOO… YAHOO…..YAHOO….YAHOO YAHOO…..YAHOO….YAHOO!!!!!


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  1. YAHOO! Well done. Good info. Keep searching for the truth. The light WILL shine on the real problem and send the roaches scurrying for cover.